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By creating better pathways to job opportunities. 5,200 of our registered members are those looking for care — Carer's tell us Carefinder has "helped obtain work", "made a difference" and is a "fantastic tool".

Own unique profile

Let parents get to know you better, share your experience, skills & capabilities with carer profiles. Often those seeking care will get in touch direct rather than posting a job if someone suitable catches their attention.

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Over 40% of our members are those looking for care, which is a great care seeker to caregiver ratio. This results in a better chance of you finding a job through Carefinder.

Carer account features — at a glance

Trust is earned — to help with this we created a Silver Membership to give people looking for Care peace of mind you have been Police Checked, Identity and Address Verified by Carefinder and we'll give your profile search priority. Learn more about a Silver Membership.

Free Silver
Increased chance of obtaining work
Priority profile listing
'Verified by Carefinder' profile
Police vetting
First Aid check
Contact detail verification
In-depth carer profile
Profile photo
Ratings & reviews
Apply to job listings
Private messaging system
Welcome your feedback and happy to assist wherever possible

Why us? Superior trust & safety matters!

Back Kiwi Made

Take great pride in supporting a 100% Kiwi venture created by a small family from Pukekohe, New Zealand (nearly every similar site is overseas owned).

We care about our customers, our reputation, being the best we can be providing local communities with outstanding service is our priority and we really appreciate your support.

Automated Safety Gates

Encompassing a variety of safety gates, working meticulously on automated algorithms behind the scenes to keep our site as safe as possible. For example; IP monitoring assists in capturing overseas connections where manual authorisation must be granted for registration. Bulk messaging detection to disable potential junk advertising as soon as possible until we can manually review.

Old Fashioned Checks

We could spend countless hours writing lines of highly objective complicated code to monitor messages which can be subjective. Sometimes the old fashion way just works, we steadily manually monitor contact details and activity through our private messaging system beyond automated checks to help ensure a comprehensive approach to site safety & security.


Everyone on Carefinder can create a profile to help other carers or care seekers get to know each other.

Care Seeker profiles contain information about them and expectations, these are optional however if you attempt to view a Care Seeker profile that isn't complete we'll notify that person that people are interested in looking and in their best interest to complete it.

Private Messaging

Our private messaging system enables you to keep your private contact details secure and exchange them direct with other parties you choose, liaise back-and-forth around the finer details like dates, times and expectations.

Notifications are sent to your email address letting you know when you receive a message.

Approved Vetting Agency

We're registered as an approved vetting agency with the New Zealand Police, if you would like to have us carry out police vetting for you please reach out to us.

Learn about the difference between police check and police vetting

Our Knowledge

Daniel's developed every aspect of Carefinder through a wide range of knowledge and expertise, self-taught full-stack Web Developer built on a passion for Computers, attention to detail as a Structural Engineer, customer focus as a Product Development Manager, drive to succeed and give 110% as a motosport driver.

Assisted by wife, Sarah. Previously a professional Nanny to several demanding families with Senior Management and Director roles, before becoming a mum. Sarah adores children, enjoys baking, sewing and crafts.

Both Daniel & Sarah are of a very caring, loving nature and proud parents of 4 young children

Secure Location System

We only send your suburb to the client side, be mindful that other sites that show location maps with a pin or general area circled can be disclosing your exact location. We've reviewed several sites that send your exact latitude and longitude coordinates to the client to show a location pin or circle centre with map zooming disabled, the browser source code containing your coordinates are easily obtained, simply paste in to Google Maps enabling the ability to zoom in on the user's exact address.


Reviews go a long way in helping someone looking to employ you and giving them peace of mind, ensure you have those you've worked for leave you a review to increase your chances of obtaining work in future through our platform.

We believe reviews should go both ways, reviews of Care Seeker's help other Carer's understand their experience and thoughts of their employer. Care Seeker reviews are coming soon.

Your safety & security is important to us, we've spent just as much time and effort here as we've have the entire site, have a question? Get in touch with us.


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