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As new parents there’s a bunch of new things you need to consider, one of which is purchasing a car seat. We were one of the first among family and friend to have kids, fortunately Sarah had been a full-time Nanny for 10 years prior to having Austin our first child. A role which carries enormous responsibility one of which is driving kids around.

Sarah had to familiarise herself with many different car seat brands over the years and swapping car seats in and out of cars everyday was pretty normal. Luckily Sarah nannied for a family over 5 years just before she had Austin who purchased additional seats for her car which is where she fell in love with the Diono Rainier. When it came to purchasing a seat for Austin it wasn’t such a straight forward process, when Sarah mentioned to me about the Diono Rainier my first thoughts were “I suppose it’s just the most popular seat at the moment? I’m not buying any seat until I research which are the safest…”

I carry out a lot of research when it comes to purchasing certain items, when it came to a car seat value for money was one thing but the safety of our children was paramount. After a fair bit of research including crash test videos we ended up with the Diono Rainier, it was a very clear choice for us. With Sarah using these seats for several years as a nanny and then purchasing one for Austin we’ve become huge advocates of the Diono brand.

Among looking to purchase our 2nd Diono Rainier for our daughter Indie, we approached Diono to let them know how great we thought their products were. We discussed wanting to carry out a review to put up on our Carefinder website, which connects parents with caregivers. We were fortunate to obtain a new Diono Rainier seat for Indie and wouldn’t have our children in anything else.

Diono Rainier - Child Car Seat (Twilight Colour)
Diono Rainier – Child Car Seat (Twilight Colour)


I work full-time as a Structural Engineer and have been involved in motor sport my whole life currently racing a Sprintcar which has 850+ hp weighing in at slightly under 600kg, a sport which unfortunately carries a risk of serious injury. With this in mind and perhaps a different perspective on the of the risks in everyday driving, safety here is very important for us.

The Diono Rainier has a full steel frame and aluminium reinforced sides, adjustable headrest, extra-deep sidewalls lined with energy absorbing EPS foam give rainier superior head and body protection along with Infant body support cushions and memory foam for added comfort. The Rainier comfortably seats rear-facing children from 5 lbs to 22.7 kg!

Austin at nearly 3 is still happily rear facing and comfortable in his seat, we’ve made the choice to rear face our children to maximum rather than minimum limits based on scientific fact. We feel very strongly about this and suggest if you are unaware about the differences to carry out your own research to make an educated decision as the statistics are astonishing. You might like to watch this video, just one of many.

One of the most important things with any car seat is that it installed in to your car correctly and that your child is seated in there correctly and certainly recommend seeing a car seat technician to assist you with this as again the statistics we’ve seen on incorrectly installed seats and incorrectly harnessed children are truly disturbing and we believe its hugely important to raise awareness around this to ensure least injury to your loved ones if unfortunately involved in an accident.


Diono have a huge range of accessories available, one of our favourites being the dry seat while Austin was toilet training it gave us peace of mind on long drives that if he had an accident it’s not going to go right through the car seat and will be easy to clean. The Diono Rainier comes with a cup holder which can be installed in multiple positions for kids drinks or toys, what ever your kids decide to put in there! If you do a bit of travel, Diono have a travel bag that the seat can fold up and go into which makes the seat easier to carry around. The ultra mat is a full length mat that protects the entire vehicle seat from scratches and dents as well as kids shoes covered in wet mud getting on the seat! An angle adjuster is available to be used to obtain up to 100mm more room behind the front seats for more front leg room, this should only be used for children who have complete head control and can sit up unassisted (not to be used with newborns).


If you are looking to buy a car seat for your child, Sarah and I highly recommend the Diono Rainier – it has a 10 year life span, which converts from rear-facing, forward-facing to then booster mode so should last your child a very long time. For larger families, most vehicles will fit 3 of these seats side by side which is certainly a big plus! Sarah’s had 3 in our car on numerous occasions with friends and their kids travelling about.

Definitely consider Diono, we absolutely love them and hope you do too! We wouldn’t use anything else – most importantly, they are one of the safest child care seats available.

Read more on the Diono Rainier @ https://nz.diono.com/product/rainier/

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Diono Rainier - Black Forest
Diono Rainier – Black Forest
Diono Rainier - Black Plum
Diono Rainier – Black Plum
Diono Rainier - Midnight
Diono Rainier – Midnight
Diono Rainier - Black Mist
Diono Rainier – Black Mist

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